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12 reasons why you should visit Lithuania and Vilnius

8 reasons why you should visit Lithuania and Vilnius

Vyto Paukščio parašytas 8 priežastis kodėl turėtumėte aplankyti Vilnių, keturiomis priežastimis papildė mano (lietuviškos kilmės) maispejsinė draugė Marytė iš Kanados.

1. Architecture. There are a lot of different architecture to see. The ones that like travelling to see the cities, old buildings, churches and hear some history behind it – Vilnius is the best place to be. Lithuanian history is very rich in stories, dating a thousand years back.

2. Nightlife. Vilnius is a new Prague or Paris. I read this in one of the blogs on internet, from the prople that came to Vilnius. There are a lot of clubs and pubs to have fun. You can choose from beer pubs with Lithuanian style, Irish pubs (Dubliner), strip clubs, dancing places and a lot more. Kaunas, a city 100km from Vilnius is more a clubbing city, there are parties with well-known Djs every weekend.

3. Celebrate your party in Vilnius: birthday or bachelor. Clubs and bars are already mentioned. But go fishing, skydiving, paragliding, drive 4×4 in the woods (if you find a normal team of off-roadsters, you will definitely never forget the experience, as they will let you do anything you want), have some incredible acrobatic flights, rent a sports car in the Rally track. And I can continue the list. Sure, you can do it in your own country, but then follow the post…

4. Prices. All of the above you can do very cheap. E.g. 15 minute flight with an acrobatic plane with all the programme will cost you something like 500 LT. 10 minutes with a European champion on a Rally track will cost you 350 LTL. 10 minutes go-karting will cost you only 50 LTL. Beer in an expensive pub will cost you 7 LTL (2 EUros).

5. Vilnius is changing and getting more expensive. After 5 years it will be different. See the change.

6. Visit all the nicest places in the country. Visit seashore. Visit Palanga, Nida, Juodkrante. These are the nicest places in Lithuania. See the dunes, one of the most amazing sights near the sea. Or just stay in a calm appartment just near the see. Palanga can be crowded during summer, but such places like Preila, Pervalka or Nida are very calm if you want to rest. Anyway, rent a car and see all those places. This would be the best way to travel, if you want to see more.

7. Come to Vilnius for business reason. Now is the best time to do business in Lithuania. The economy is booming, every business in Lithuania welcomes partnership and is really interested in expanding the borders to other countries. There are a lot of smart people in Lithuania. A lot of people are moving outsite the country, but these are mainly workers, people that work in construction. Intelligent business part stays, because there are plenty of things to do.

8. Continue your trip to other Baltic states. They all have places to see and parties to attend.

Marytė sako:

9. Try the food. Fabulous authentic Lithuanian meals and new cuisine. Something for everyone’s taste and wash it down with –vyturys beer, the best you’ll ever taste.
10. Visit the forests, go mushroom picking.
11. Visit the Bee Museum. One of the most fascinating places to see. The Amber Museum.
12. Drive through the rural areas to get a flavour of quaint villages, dotted farms throughout the land.


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